Beth Israel Congregation in the News 1898-1946



"Verily Bath has become metropolitan with a Jewish Synagogue in the Y.M.C.A. building."
Bath Independent
September 17, 1898


"Congregation numbers 17 men with their women and children; quite a multitude of Jews for Christian Bath."
Bath Independent
September 9, 1899


"The Jewish churchbook has one page of the Hebrew text and on the page opposite the English translation."
Bath Independent
September 29, 1900


"The chanting of their songs and the reading of their scriptures which were distinctly audible to people on Front Street, attracted no little attention."
Bath Independent
October 11, 1905


"The Ahavaith Achim Congegation of Bath, Me...has as its members the larger part of the Jewish residents of the city."
Jewish Advocate
June 21, 1912


"The Naomi Club...Jewish organization"
Bath Independent
September 30, 1916


"Jewish young ladies soliciting funds...for Jewish war sufferers"
Bath Independent
February 3, 1917

"A new social club, the Happy Twenty, was organized."
Bath Independent
November 22, 1917


"Workman's Circle, inaugurated their branch, No. 546, in Bath."
Bath Independent
February 16, 1918

"Jewish war relief...both Jew and Gentile are standing shoulder to shoulder."
Bath Independent
August 10, 1918


"The YMHA and the YWHA are among the newest of Bath societies."
Bath Independent
November 13, 1919


"New Synagogue Will Be Built"
Bath Independent
June 9, 1921

"New Synagogue in Bath Growing - Foundation in and the Sills Will be Laid the Coming Week"
Bath Independent
August 4, 1921

"Feast of the Tabernacle services...conducted in Music Hall by Rabbis Charles Arik and Morris Cohen"
Bath Independent
October 20, 1921


"Bath Synagogue Dedication with Much Ceremony...Hebrews Now Have a Church of Their Own"
Bath Independent
February 9, 1922

"Bath Hebrews Start a Drive...for the Jewish Relief Fund"
Bath Independent
February 9, 1922


"A one act play entitled A Sick Purim"
Bath Independent
March 27, 1924


"Dedication Exercises of the Orren Kaiddish...transferring Torahs from the the new"
Bath Independent
June 2, 1927


"Synagogue Mortgage Burned...300 Jewish persons gathered in the Beth Israel synagogue"
Bath Independent
September 15, 1932


"In Observance of Chanukah...Children Prove Excellent Entertainers"
Bath Independent
January 5, 1933

"Passover Program at the Synagogue"
Bath Independent
April 27, 1933

"Benefit Minstrel Show...jokes upon members of the audience and cast kept the show moving merrily along"
Bath Independent
December 21, 1933


"Youngsters Stage a Minstrel Show...audience filled the vestry of Beth Israel synagogue"
Bath Independent
January 31, 1935

"Bar Mitzvah of Beth Israel Synagogue"
Bath Independent
May 23, 1935


"Brotherhood Week Will Be Observed by Joint Meeting...Protestants, Catholics and Jews Here to Attend Service"
Bath Independent
February 16, 1939


"Windows of Eight Jewish Operated Stores Smeared...Tires of a Fruit Produce Truck are Slashed"
Bath Independent
September 12, 1940


"Club to Promote Defense Buying"
Bath Independent
December 25, 1941


"Protestant, Catholic and Jewish churches of Bath have united in an interfaith and interdenominational council to combat moral and religious problems created by the pressure of war conditions in this area."
Bath Independent
October 14, 1943

"Party for Jewish boys in armed services"
Bath Independent
November 18, 1943


"Clothing and Food for Jewish Relief"
Bath Independent
February 28, 1946